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 Back To The Future:Return To San Andreas

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PostSubject: Back To The Future:Return To San Andreas   Back To The Future:Return To San Andreas Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2008 5:34 pm

Hi Guys,I Need Help,With This Mod,Can You Guys Lend A Hand

Back To The Future: Return To San Andreas

New Forum:

This Will Need Help

So Far In The Mod Team Is:

Nerdmanreturns:Mod Leader And Modeler
Nazanazga:Founder And He Will Help,But Job Is Unknown????

We Need Coders!!!!!!!

This Mod Does Not Focus Mostly Focus On The BTTF Movies,Its A Mix OF The Story Of San Andreas,
With Cj And Stuff,But A Little Bit Bttf With The Delorean And Time Travel,Were You Can Go Into A Story Were Cj Grandson From 2015 Builds A Delorean Time Machine And Go's Back In Time And Start Dstorying The Future,Creating A Paradox,Because He's Changing The San Andreas Storyline,He's Causing A Storyline Were The Ballas Are Rich And A MulitiAmerican Force(In The Real Future Its The Groove Street Not Ballas) So Its Up To Him To Save The Past And His Own Existence,I Have Not Chosen Name For This Charater.It May Be Johnny Johnson Or JJ,He's A Mix Of Marty And Doc Though,But You Can Time Travel With Fire Tracks Using Cleo3

We Still Need Help And I Am Developing The Mod

Oh,Hopefully We Can Get The Movie Fire Track And Time Travel Effects In The Game Using A Thing For San Andreas Called Cleo3,See It Hacks The Game Making The Creation Of Effects Easier,Now The BTTF:HV Mod Was Never In San Andreas Because Cleo3 Never Existed At That Time,Now As I Have Said Before,This Is Not 100% BTTF,Just A 50-50,See Its San Andreas,With Some Stuff From BTTF Like Delorean Time Machines,Paradoxs,88 MPH Time Travel,Change Of The Map Though Dates, Are Mixed In.Though We May Have One Feature The Hill Valley Never Thought Of,Constution Of Building Though Time,An Peds Can Live A Life ith Brains,So Lets Make This Easier Wih Examples

Example 1:
You Time Travel To 1973 Los Santos,You May See Sometimes A Constution Site,And I Don't Know Go To A Savegame Point House Cross The Street,Then You Stay Their Like If You Live Their For A Whole San Andreas Week,As You Live Their You May Notice The Constution Site Was Being Built And Was Getting Constutced As You Were Their,So You May Not Notice You Will See Builder Peds Using Hammers With New Building Animation And Contructing The Building,

Example 2:
So Lets Say You Go To Los Santos Augest 2,1822 1:00 Pm,You See People In A Wagon Come,Right,They See The Area Is Nice So They As A Family,Build A Little House,And I Mean Building Walls Will Be Added And Stuff,And They Have A Son,Right,And He Rides Of To Las Ventas,Which Is A Village In 1822,And Remember You See This All,After A San Andreas Week,(Remember Your Do This To Learn More About San Andreas History)Now You See The Boy Come Back With People,And THey SAy And os Santos Is Bon,And You Can See Them Building Homes,And Planting Trees And Living A Life,Getting Apples Making Love,And Having Town Meetings,

Now We Come To Paradoxs For The Mod,You Know What It For When It Is Used In The Mod,Here Is A Example Using The EXAMPLE 2 From The Other Thing I Was Using Examples For.

Example 2A(Example 2 Paradox):
Now Lets Say The Family Was The Santos Family,So Lets Say You Kill Them When They Arrive,Then You Go To 2005,Right,Well Now Guess What,Their Is A City,But,Its Called Los Machos,And Way Different Buildings And Its Smaller,Because A Family Called The Machos Family Discoved It In 1847,25 After The Santos Family Came And Was Murdered,

Got It,These Things Will Be Done With Cleo3

Oh,Their Will Be Two Mode's When You Press New Game,Instead Of The Game Starting,A Menu Will Appear,It Wil Ask''What Mode You Want'' And The Choices Are"Freeroam" Or "Storyline"

Freeroam: Freeroam Will Make You Start With 100% Completed Storyline,You Will Be Able To Time Travel To Anytime You Want And Stuff,Like You Are Free To Do What You Please

Storyline: Storyline Will Make You Start At 0% Completed Storyline,And You Will Start In The Desert Of San Andreas Were You Have Just Come To The Year 1991 From 2015,Then After The Mission Their,You Will Go Throug The 2015 Flashback Missons,See It's How You Find Out,What Happened Before The First Mission,Their Will Be 5,Then You Go To Your Second Mission In 1991(Which I Belive Is The Time Of CJ Going With Big Smoke To The Cemetary,In The First Mission In Reagular San Andreas)And You Find Out That You Flux Capacitor Is Dameged,rom Something That Happened In The Last Flashback Mission,And Your Stuck In San Andreas 1991 Till You Fix It,When You Are Done Will All 100 Missions,You Will Be In Freeram Mode Because Yor Done

Get It Now
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Back To The Future:Return To San Andreas
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